What Are Rick’s Plans Moving Forward?

“What are your goals for the rest of this term and the next?”

Complete the City’s five Downtown Revitalization Initiative projects—the BRIDGE District Complete Streets master plan, redesign and improvement of the entrance to Promenade Hill, renewal of the Second Street stairs, redevelopment of “the Shacks” in North Bay as a public park, and the stabilization of the Dunn Warehouse for future development

Work with the State and neighboring communities to eliminate unnecessary truck traffic through Hudson

Develop a Green Hudson Plan to enhance City parks, parklands, and our natural environment:

Restoring Hudson’s Public Square — Seventh Street Park

Creating a Hudson Riverfront master plan, including redesign of the Riverfront Park to incorporate the Dunn Warehouse, recreational access to the river, new uses for the land extending to the Ferry Street Bridge, connections to Promenade Hill, “the Shacks” park, and North Bay

Completing the Dog Park and integrating the Empire State Trailhead at Second and Dock streets

Accomplish the final design and construction of the Ferry Street Bridge

Maintain tight fiscal controls to minimize property taxes, find new sources of income, including renewal for 2020 of the City’s lodging tax, and continue to make government more efficient, effective, and accountable

Support and encourage citizen groups in their efforts to design and organize new ways to provide improved recreational and educational services for Hudson’s young people and in preserving and bettering our city life

Support the Common Council’s efforts to update Hudson’s Comprehensive Plan, incorporating a full review of Hudson’s zoning

Encourage the development of the Kaz site in a manner that respects the urban design of the city, broadens the tax base, and increases the number of apartments available for long-term rental

Pursue the implementation of goals outlined in the Strategic Housing Action Plan for affordable housing for the citizens of Hudson

Reestablish City support for free public events that enhance enjoyment and celebration of Hudson for residents and visitors

Continue evaluating all city properties for best use while exploring all options for ADA compliance

Explore all options for upgraded or new facility to house Hudson Youth Department

Put forth legislation to turn the Hudson Mayor position into a four year term — this is long overdue

Be honest.  Be fair.  Be dependable. Be respectful.  Do what is right and best for the entire community.

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