What Has Rick Been Up To?

“Hey, Rick…what have you been up to in your first fifteen months as Mayor?”

Established a DRI committee and completed agreements with New York State to move forward in 2019 with the $5.5 million in City DRI projects, including:

$4 million for our Complete Streets initiative–mainly for streetscape and sidewalks in the BRIDGE District

$1.1 million to design and renovate the entrance to Promenade Hill, including universal access

$250,000 to design and renovate the Second Street stairs connecting Allen and Cross Streets

$151,000 to repurpose the historic fishing village known as “the Shacks” as a public park

$1 million to stabilize the Dunn Warehouse for future development

With Assemblymember Didi Barrett, led an effort of State, County and City elected officials to formulate a plan to study truck traffic in and around Hudson. On April 3, Assemblywoman Barrett announced a $100,000 State grant for this study.

Together with the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, created a 2019 budget with a tax increase of only 3 percent that maintains City services and provides a 46 percent increase for the Youth Department

With the BEA, held to the requirement that the City maintain a cash reserve of 25 to 35 percent of the City’s annual budget

Operation Unite Youth Government Day students after interviewing the Mayor.

“Have you held any public meetings to communicate directly with the community?”

October 2018  Meeting to present the preliminary design and status of replacement of the Ferry Street Bridge

October 2018  Meeting to discuss a dog park for the City, including a plan for a trail head for the Empire State Trail that will pass through Hudson

February 2019  Town hall conversation about current issues in Hudson
Let’s Talk

March 2019  Meeting to discuss implementation of the City’s “Welcoming and Inclusive City” policy with the Chief of Police, Common Council leadership, and the executive director of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement
Public Meeting

March 2019  informational community meeting, with interpreters present, to discuss the 2019 citywide revaluation process with representatives of GAR Associates and the City Assessor

The Mayor hosts a forum at Hudson Hall in March, among his meetings around the city.

“Sounds good, but what else have you been doing?”

Created plan to construct a Hudson dog park in 2019, funded by donations from dog owners and the Hudson Parks Conservancy, in conjunction with a trail head on the Empire State Trail, funded by the Hudson River Valley Greenway
Dog Park & Greenway

Directed the City Attorney to consult with the NYS Attorney General to determine if our “Welcoming and Inclusive City” guidelines are as protective of citizens’ rights as possible within the law

Stood up to Amtrak and stopped its surprise decision to fence the rail line along the Hudson river in the city of Hudson
Stop the Fence

Organized the effort to prevent rerouting of traffic through Hudson during the construction of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge roundabout
Derailing the Detour

Undertook a comprehensive design assessment to bring City Hall into compliance with the Americans for Disabilities Act

“OK…anything else?”

Worked with the Department of Public Works and the Hudson Police Department for a more effective and easier to understand snow removal procedure on Hudson streets

Advanced and worked for approval by the Common Council of the Strategic Housing Action Plan prepared by the Mayor’s Housing Task Force

Directed the City’s grant writing consultants to work with all department heads and Council committee chairs

Led the effort, with the Board of Estimate and Apportionment and the Common Council, to sell the former Hudson Police station and court building on Warren Street

Worked with the Hudson River Bank and Trust Foundation to secure funding for a badly needed Youth Department van

Supported new Youth Department boxing program with financing from unused grants and the Mayor’s office budget
Bringing Boxing

Activated the City’s Compensation Committee, moved on stalled raises for City department heads, and approved a raise to $15 an hour as the minimum wage for part-time city workers, resulting in fairer wages. Began initiative for the first ever City-wide compensation guidelines. Implemented annual review process with department heads.

Implemented efficiencies in City services, including reorganizing the Parking Ticket Bureau under the authority of the City Clerk

Worked with the Friends of Hudson Youth and Friends of Oakdale Lake, the Hudson Youth Department, and the City Attorney to craft effective plans for integrating privately funded groups into the design and support of youth programs and facilities

Worked with Governor Cuomo’s Empire State Trail team to design a cycling route through Hudson that will be enjoyable and safe while also protecting residential and commercial parking from unnecessary encroachment

Continue to explore opportunities with the County government for shared services with Hudson to provide possible new additions for increased City services and savings where available

Conducted meetings with the five County Supervisors representing Hudson’s five wards to establish better communications between city and county officials

Mayor Rector delivers Martin Luther Day Celebration remarks at Shiloh Baptist Church.
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